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Second Friday Open Studios in Alameda

I came across a flyer for Alameda’s “Second Friday Art Walk” – while at Alameda Island Brewing Company. Hmmm, I got flat files and boxes full of photos, at least some of which I’d like to share.

Obsolete Technology Study: Audio Cassette

I also have a “studio” a space that a friend and I share here on the lovely island of Alameda. After a quick chat- we’ve decided we’re going to try and participate.

Obsolete Technology Study: 16mm Cinema Film

So here are some of the photos I’m hoping to display. Some, like the movie reels and audio cassettes are part of a project focusing on obsolete technology.

Copenhagen, Shattered

Another subject I hope to share includes highlights from recent travels. There are a few photos I’m happy to share from a recent trip including Copenhagen, Büdingen (Hessen), and Berlin etc.

Bikes of Copenhagen
Bikes of Copenhagen
Dom St. Peter (Osnabrück)
Dom St. Peter (Osnabrück)

One item I can’t display here is my hand printed black and white traditional prints. Folks who want to sound fancy call these “Fine Art” and “Silver Gelatin” prints. If you’re old enough to be from the film photography era, they’re just normal prints. Except, that I also have some “Alt Process” prints of sorts too that I might display: I’ve been playing around with so called “litho printing”. But these aren’t digitized. You’ll have to hold them in your hands in person if you want to see.

Call or email me (phone four juan 5 – sveen four 2 -0121) for schedule and location if you’re interested.


The Films of My Father

When I was a kid my dad was a film maker. Not of the Hollyweird sort, he made educational films. I still remember one of his films being shown in my grade school and giggling when I saw myself used as an extra.

16mm Movie Film
Oxygen, Barr Films, 16mm Movie Film

Zoom forward and I’m working on documenting obsolete technology for an art project. I’d been photographing some reels and canisters I’d acquired by digging around junk shops.


I was pretty happy with the direction the project was going when it occurred to me: … hey my dad made movies and must have some of them still! It would be more of a tie in.

People-Who-Work-with-People, Barr Films

So that’s my ongoing personal project, still in progress.

Oxygen, Barr Films, 16mm Movie Film