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Cats and other Critters

Everybody loves cat photos, right?! Well in both Greece and Turkey there is no shortage of cute cats. I was quite impressed to see so many cute cats and kittens the last time I was in Istanbul, and this trip was no exception.

In some places it was pretty sad, especially in Greece. Many cats were in really bad physical shape, and there appeared to be no attempt to spay or neuter. Occasionally there’d be a cardboard box on a sidewalk with kittens crying for their mommy. Turkey seemed to have a bit more respect for their cats. We befriended the most adorable dog in Chios too, but no photos unfortunately.

There were also a few unexpected critters on our trip. For one, there were turtles tortoises enjoying the lawn Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. And the ancient Roman aqueduct in Selçuk (the modern town next to the ancient biblical city of Efes or Ephesus) doubled as stork nesting sites.