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To (not Live and) Die in L.A.

(with my apologies to Wang Chung)

In my brief trip to Los Angeles, I did manage to find time to visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I’d visited with my old friends long ago back in the stock photo days of slide film.


27feb2003014_15Do those photos look dated or what?! That’s what plain old slide film taken in the middle of the day looked like back in the 1990’s.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Well this time I brought my digital camera. First thing I noticed that there was some sort of filming going on in front of the mosoleum. They would take and retake a scene with an old Rolls Royce hearse pulling up along side a beautiful actress and handsome man. There was some sort of signage marking the 74th anniversary of Valentino- some actor I’d never heard of ….

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

My main goal at the cemetery was to try and do some slightly different shots- of an aerial sort.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Where possible I tried to get something interesting in the foreground.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

But I had limited time. Like so many of these excursions, I hope to return and finish what I started sometime soon.

A Day in 2008

Freeway Traffic
Traffic on 580/80 split

Here I am going through my old hard drive, uploading to cloud servers and doing general stock photo sorting. It’s kind of fun revisiting old memories- that and finding new value in old photos. Turns out that the folder I’m working on – a single day in 2008 was particularly productive.

I started out in the clear early morning with my Sigma 1000mm f8 APO up in the Berkeley hills photographing the texture of the city below. With the crop factor, that lens may well have been too long for its own good. There are some nice tight shots of Downtown Oakland around sunrise.

Years later, I don’t remember the exact chronology, but I can patch together pieces with photos. Looks like I discovered the Chabot observatory during the day and saw it was open to the public that night. I’m interested in all things German- and Altenheim is an interesting cultural relic of when Germans were an important cultural group in the Bay Area. Then (I appear to have gotten) a few stock shots of random people jogging along Lake Merritt and gone to the then quite new Oakland Cathederal. I returned to Skyline boulevard and got some crazy long shots of San Francisco and then on to Chabot observatory for some star gazing.

All in all, 17 November 2008 was a productive day.